summer bucket list


summer is that one time of year where, we get to have a picnic in the park, organize family BBQs, escape to exotic locations and take strolls along the beach with an ice cream. Its such an happy time of year, full of possibilities, and a great excuse to spend time with friends and family.

Im writing this quick little post, whilst sitting in my garden with the sun beaming on my skin, and thinking about all the things I hope to do this summer. I thought I would share with you my summer bucket list and what I love about this glorious time of year, in hope of giving you some inspiration.

My summer bucket list:

  • take a long walk along the beach
  • have a picnic
  • visit Ilfracombe ( my favorite place)
  • have a summer party
  • drink lots of Mojitos
  • create summer cocktails
  • organize a family barbeque
  • watch the sunset
  • have an ice cream from Gelatos (best ice cream ever)
  • sitting outside a coffee shop with a latte
  • read a book whilst sun bathing
  • take a walk in the country side
  • go strawberry picking
  • go glamping
  • float in the pool
  • escape to an exotic destination
  • make daisy chains
  • create a summer anklet
  • roast marshmallows
  • putting summer outfits together

please, let me know what you love about summer!!!

I would like to just mention quickly glamour magazine, I’ve  subscribed for twelve months and will be definitely  re-subscribing. I love its content and its mixture of fashion, beauty edits and its take on new trends. I get really excited when the new issue get delivered to my door. so, if your looking for a go to magazine to take to the beach I would definitely recommend this one.


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