sunday baking: national trust flapjack

MIXED SEEDS AND APRICOT FLAPJACK: Ingredients: 230g of butter 135g of caster sugar 165g of golden syrup 600g of oats 60g of pumpkin seeds 60g of sunflower seeds 35g of poppy seeds 65g of dried apricots 165g of peaches How to make them: place the butter, syrup and caster sugar in your saucepan over a … Continue reading sunday baking: national trust flapjack


summer breakfast: overnight oats

Breakfast has to be my favourite meal of the day, and love going out for a spot of brunch.So when I come across a recipe that can easily be done at home, you can understand how delighted I am. I know it doesn't exactly look pinterest ready, but it is scrumptious all the same. I … Continue reading summer breakfast: overnight oats